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Payroll Online Service Center (POSC)

News release effective June 16th, 2014

July Increments

Effective July 1, 2014 annual increments are back for eligible employees (note: some employees are not due an increment until January 2015).

How Increments will affect paychecks dated 7/16/14 and beyond 

For regular (RG) bi-weekly employees, your paycheck dated July 16th will have a partial increment (new rate effective from 7/1/14 - 7/8/14). Your paychecks dated 7/30/14 and beyond will have your full increment value.

Another Health Holiday Announcement

The Department of Budget and Management has announced its approval for FY 15 employee Health Holidays during the month of October 2014. Bi-weekly employees will receive (2) Health Holidays and monthly employees will receive (1). Simply put, THIS MEANS MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET, as no health deductions (dental, medical and prescription) will be taken from employee paychecks for these Health Holidays.

Schedule for Health Holiday Skips

For our regular (RG) bi-weekly employees, paychecks dated 10/08/14 and 10/22/14 will have no health deductions (dental, medical and prescription) taken. For our UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND (UM) employees, paychecks dated 10/10/14 and 10/24/14 will have no health deductions taken. For our MONTHLY employees, the paycheck dated 10/31/14 will have no health deductions taken.

Addition Health Deduction Skip

For our regular (RG) bi-weekly employees - We normally skip health deductions when we have (3) pay period ending dates in a single month. But this year we are doing things a little differently. Normally we would skip all health deductions for PPE 9/30/14, check date 10/8/14, but since that was pre-scheduled as a Health Holiday (by DBM) we are moving that skip to PPE 12/23/14. That means there will be no health deductions (dental, medical, prescription, term life, AD&D, Flex Spending and Long Term care) from your check dated 12/30/14.

For our University of Maryland (UM) employees, we will be taking health deductions for PPE 11/29/14 (3rd pay period ending date of the month) and in return will skip health deductions for PPE 12/27/14. That means there will be no health deductions (dental, medical, prescription, term life, AD&D, Flex Spending and Long Term care) from your check dated 1/2/15.

2% COLA Announced - Effective 1/1/2015

The Department of Budget and Management has announced approval for this, so we are gearing up for that as well.

CPB Webpage

When accessing the 'FORMS PAGE' from our Website, you will notice we have DELETED our ADDRESS CHANGE form. We have now incorporated the address change process into the 'Withholding Allowance Certificate' for either MD, DC, or WV. Simply put, when you move, there is the possibility that your local tax rate will change (based on county). To ensure we are collecting the correct local tax, we are now asking that you re-submit a new Withholding Form when you move (it should contain your address and withholding requirements).


We have also removed the Change Address option from the POSC homepage. Again we ask that you submit new address information via the Update Address / W4 (Tax Withholding) option.

We have also added a new option on the POSC homepage (View SPS Employee ID). The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) is scheduled to implement a new Statewide Personnel System (SPS) in November 2014. That system will be driven by a new 'Employee ID'. We are using POSC (since it already requires a very stringent sign on / password process) to deliver Employee-ID to those authorized for employment by DBM. Only a small number of EMPLOYEE ID's have been populated into POSC at this time. All EMPLOYEE ID's are scheduled to be loaded by the end of June 2014. DBM will be sending instructions to all agencies / employees concerning SPS and the use of EMPLOYEE ID in the near future. You can't hurt anything, so go ahead and try it!

Retirement Subsidies

Some employees have noticed a change in the dollar amount shown on their pay stub item 'RET/PEN SUB'. This field represents the % amount taken from your employing agency's budget to supplement your personal retirement deduction amount. Based on legislation passed during the 2014 General Assembly Session, many subsidy amounts were reduced through the end of FY14. These subsidy amounts will be changing again as we start up the new FY15.


Thank You,

Robert Murphy, Director

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