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Employer Paid Subsidies

Information on current employer paid subsidies for State of Maryland employees:



Links for Employer Paid Subsidies
State Payroll Services
Payroll Officers
Employer Paid Subsidies
  FY 2014 Special Subsidy Dated 07-01-2013
  FY 2013 Unemployment Insurance Premium
  FY 2013 Retirement / Pension Subsidies
  FY 2013 FICA (Social Security) Subsidy
  FY 2013 Medicare Insurance Subsidy
  FY 2013 Health Insurance Subsidies
  FY 2013 Sub Rtmt Plan Match
  FY 2012 Special Subsidy
  FY 2012 Unemployment Insurance Premium
  FY 2012 Retirement/Pension Subsidies
  FY 2012 FICA (Social Security) Subsidy
  FY 2012 Medicare Insurance Subsidy
  FY 2012 Health Insurance Subsidies
  FY 2012 Supplemental Retirement Plan Match Program
  FY 2012 Other Post Employment Benefits
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