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News release effective June 10th, 2016

Conversion to Workday Timekeeping / Time tracking & Absence Management

Most SPS agencies converted to the new Workday Time Entry System on 5/24/2016. This one system replaced numerous timekeeping systems throughout the State and will now provide electronic Gross Payroll records to the Central Payroll Bureau, replacing the ETR / PTR manual entry process.

Effective for Pay Period Ending 6/7/2016 (check date 6/15/2016) and forward, SPS employees will notice the following changes in the calculation of their biweekly pay rate and/or certain fields of data on their check stub:

  • Your biweekly pay may show an increase of a penny or two over the published biweekly rates for your Grade / Step. Workday calculates the costs associated with each leave type taken (i.e. vacation, sick, personal, etc.) during the pay cycle separately. Each total cost figure is rounded (up) separately and then all added together for your biweekly rate. The more use of separate leave types, the greater the possibility of a slightly higher biweekly rate.

  • Your biweekly salary rate will no longer appear in the box marked Regular Pay Rate located at the top middle of the paystub (directly under your name). Your biweekly earnings will continue to be shown in the earnings box (under CURRENT) that is on the left side of your paystub.

Minimum Wage Update

Effective July 1st, 2016 the hourly minimum wage will increase from $8.25 to $8.75.

Employee Increments

Salary Increments have been reinstated for employees. If your increment date is July 1, and you are eligible, you will see a (1) step increase in pay. Those employees with a January 1 increment date will receive theirs, if eligible, on 1/1/2017.

Non-Leap Year

FY2016 was a Leap Year and employee biweekly pay rates were slightly reduced because biweekly pay rates were calculated using 366 days. Effective July 6, FY2017, employee biweekly pay rates will increase slightly as we revert back to the use of 365 days in the calculation.


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