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Employee ACA Tax Form Information


News release effective January 14, 2016


2015 W-2ís

Originally printed W-2ís have been printed and are being mailed as of 1/12/16 (some employees may have already received).  Employees may see their 2015 W-2ís online via POSC starting on Monday 1/18/16.

Duplicate 2015 W-2ís

Requests for duplicate W-2ís to be printed by Central Payroll (not from POSC) will be accepted starting on 2/08/16.

2016 W-4ís

2016 W-4 (fill in) forms for DC, WV and MD should be posted to our web site by COB 1/15/16. 

Maryland County (piggyback) Taxes

Two counties will have a change in their local withholding rate, they are:

   Worcester County - was raised from 1.25% (2015 rate) to 1.75% (new rate) and,

   Anne Arundel County - was lowered from 2.60% (2015 rate) to 2.50% (new rate).

For more details on Marylandís withholding laws, please reference the ĎMaryland Employer Withholding Guideí. 

2015 Federal Tax & Withholding 

The following will apply for Regular paychecks dated 1/13/16, University Paychecks dated 1/15/16 and Contractual Paychecks dated 1/6/16.

The annual Federal withholding allowance is $4,050.  

  • The 2016 employee social security withholding tax rate remains at 6.2%.
  • The wage base for the calculation of social security taxes remains the same at $118,500.
  • The 2016 wage base for Medicare remains the same at 1.45% for employees earning from $1 - $200,000 and 2.35% for those employees earning over $200,000.

For additional Federal information on taxing and withholding, reference the IRS Publication 15, (Circular E) Employer's Tax Guide, on the IRS website.

Thank You

Robert Murphy, Director

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